The “Colorfield” Series

This series began in 1984 and has slowly evolved into the present work today. I came up with the title “Color Field” to refer to the intense colors and patterns which are “drawn” onto the glass surface at temperatures exceeding 1,600 degrees. The forms have changed over the years ~ organic, sharp, angular, loose, square, tight ~ but they have always been simple, so that they never detract form the increasing complexities of the surface decoration. I like to refer to the millefiori decoration on my vessels as “drawings”, since I make all my works the same size as a sheet of drawing paper. Sometimes the drawings echo the contours of the vessel and sometimes they establish a contradictory rhythm. In either instance, it is important to me that the form structure and the drawing structure be integrated. That they not appear to be two independent entities.

Sale Sm Yel.JPG

Colorfield Vessel

The Flagship Form of the Colorfield Series

CF Disc 2.jpg

Colorfield Jar

The Traditional Lidded Form

Platter 6.jpg

Colorfield Platter

The Grandest of pieces for the table or wall


Colorfield Amphora

Sleek and Slender


Colorfield Cylinder

For When the Simplest is Best